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Potential up & coming artists

The Artists on this page are not associated with spiceRecordz yet. All materials of these artists have their copyrights. This is your opportunity to support your favorite potential up & coming Christian Artist. 

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St. Chika

Born to American parents, St. Chika delivers a Gospel song that will make you want to lift your voice in praise and move your feet. The debut and hit single of the sensational gospel singer St. Chika. In ‘Higher’ St. Chika ministers in an unusual way. Listen to “Higher” off the’Feel The Gospel’ album.

Ben Oakes

a powerful message in his new music video "Crash and Burn".  He shows that sometimes you have to be in the dark to finally see the light.  "Crash and Burn" is a story of conquering inner demons through the power of faith.  Ben delivers a message of second chances and redemption. "Crash and Burn" is my journey to finding faith and God saving my life.

B.D. Kold

Make It Rain

Mark Vieau

What can God do for you ?