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"God Faith" album was released the same time as the book "Don't Leave It To The Dogs."As stated on the synopsis of the book "Don't Leave It To Dogs," Michael Ray Van is an ordinary man with an extraordinary journey. Many for the mos part would classify his life as successful having been a star athlete in high school, televised AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Boxer, and a secular recording artist with an independent record label. However a worldly lifestyle caused him to plummet into a world of drugs, alcohol, family dysfunction, stealing, lying, womanizing, and eventually prison. Reaching a pivotal point in his life to call on Jesus, He made a decision to live "In Him" and in His every Word.


Urban Contemporary gospel at it's finest.

My Goal is to be constantly led by the Spirit of God. In Romans 8 it speaks of the law of the Spirit and those being led the Spirit of God are sons of Gods (Amplified Bible/ Romans 8:14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.). Gods love has been poured upon us in so many ways and there is no way to describe the feeling of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me. It says in Romans 8:9 (Amplified bible) 9But you are not living the life of the flesh, you are living the life of the Spirit, if the [Holy] Spirit of God [really] dwells within you [directs and controls you]. But if anyone does not possess the [Holy] Spirit of Christ, he is none of His [he does not belong to Christ, is not truly a child of God].


I was baptized at the age of 13, like so many others. I didn’t invest my time to come to know him. I wasn’t committed to Gods heart.
In my ignorance I began to sin and because I wasn’t a devoted Christian my sin began to grow in ways you can’t imagine. As I look back now, I see sin had begun to control my life. My illusion of being saved was distorted. I always believed in God, but I wasn’t walking in His love. My choices were my own choices with no consideration of his choices. My bad choices came with consequences that allowed me to reflect on him from time to time because of the situation I was in at that time. Thanks to the Lord our Father for all that he blessed us with. Like David, I search for the heart of God and recognize his love in ways I never did before. I walk in a way, where I am taught and speak to him daily. When I pray and meditate, he keeps me from making the same old mistakes. I still make mistakes, but I look to him for correction. Writing music allows me to reflect on him and to testify of his glory, love, and peace. I pray we all continue to hold on to the truth and keep on walking within his word.

Don't Leave it to the Dogs
By Michael Ray Van